What do others say about working with Jay?

Jay creates an environment where you are encouraged in your abilities and challenged to often think beyond what simply lies in front of you. He is dedicated and determined in any job that is placed before him. Jay is an asset to any team he brings strong leadership skills, encouraging guidance, and fresh perspective."      Annette Doom


Experienced, driven, and thoughtful are three words that come to mind when I think of Jay Austin. I have learned much from him about being a leader, having integrity in my work, and collaborating with others. Jay doesn’t make rash decisions. Each move he makes is carefully thought out and planned. He is an excellent listener and is always willing to take other’s opinions into consideration.


Jay taught me about prioritizing my time and energy and is quick to remind me that relationships are the most important gift we’ve been given. I’ve watched as he’s created postcards, email blasts, conference booklets, and other high-quality marketing materials from nothing. He is able to edit and manipulate videos, and he has a working knowledge of the technical needs to run a large conference. Jay’s ability to build and maintain relationships is one of his finest qualities. He really cares about people. Working with Jay has been a great pleasure, and his leadership has grown me as an individual.     Grace E. Donaldson


Jay Austin has influenced my life and work by being an exceptional leader, an intentional encourager, a wise counselor, a humble servant, an efficient worker, a kind relationship builder, a compassionate listener, and a trustworthy friend. Jay helped my organization plan and execute multiple conferences in Kentucky for international college students with over 40 nations represented. His visionary, media, and interpersonal skills are unmatched. Jay not only develops organizations but even more so, people. I am one of those who has benefited a great deal from his influence.     Brett Martin


Working with and around Jay Austin has been a great experience. He faces every task presented to him with a good attitude and a determination to do his best work. When Jay walks into a room, it is easy for him to control the environment with his calm and collected demeanor, always listening to others' input. Jay is always working to make those around him feel welcome and have a positive outlook in spite of difficulties.       Tyler Wells


Jay Austin was our Manager (and so much more) from 2015 to 2017. In that time he helped us more than I could ever have imagined.  Jay represented us at events, promoted us to prospective customers, coordinated communication with our booking partners and advised us in many areas of our ministry.


At the same time, he was refurbishing the look of our website, creating marketing content with print materials and video, and he was often the listening ear we needed when we were seeking wise counsel. I would recommend Jay and trust him to complete a huge variety of tasks. You can be assured, when Jay says he will get it done, he indeed will get it done!"              Carl Crispin


My supportive role as Director of Hospitality and Special Projects under Jay's leadership has been as rewarding personally as it has been professionally. Jay is analytic AND creative in his thinking through the intricate and delicate tasks involved in organizational leadership; two qualities rarely seen together. His thoughtful guidance has led me through some personal hurdles, as well as work-related tasks. If you are looking for someone who is perceptive, compassionate, and acutely discerning, Jay Austin would be the person I would recommend."                Barbara McGee


I have worked with Jay Austin for the past few years.  Jay is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. He is easy to work with, always willing to help one succeed and will always go the extra mile when needed.  Jay excels at developing a rapport with people of all ages. His excellent communication skills allow him to connect with a wide variety of people and to inspire them to put forth their best effort. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.     Kay Weeks

I have worked with Jay Austin for 3 years. He has been a steady, positive influence on the company as well as me personally.


Jay excels in: 

  • Interpersonal relationships.

  • Communicator.

  • The ability to get to the heart of the issue and present creative solutions. 

  • Complete integrity. He is trustworthy and can keep confidences.

  • Great ability to creatively market ideas and artists.

  • Great writer with great ideas.  

  • Ability to defuse volatile situations with a calm, steady spirit. 

  • Makes great decisions based on limited budgets. 

  • Thinks "outside the box".

I highly recommend Jay as I know he will be a great asset to any company.